The Universal aligned at the time of your birth will determine your element & destiny, which affects your success or failure. 

LOHE Design uses Chinese Metaphysics and Fengshui to improve your energy, business, branding. Which increases your wealth and business growth.   

We focus on improving your overall well being using 3 key aspects: Colours, Shapes, and Direction. 

Through appropriate adjustment of the 3 key aspect we can improve your overall well-being, your personal branding and business branding, in the long term. 

We Focus on Colours , Shapes & Directional Energy. 

Colours Energy

This Universe is filled with colours. From the food that we eat to the clothes that we wear, we are bound to choice a colour. Colours have different frequency and energy. And each colours can activate certain emotions.

Learn how to harness your colour energy with us.

Shapes Energy

Shapes and forms create this Universe. The atom has a shape, the matter that made up our world has a shape and form. Our planet has a shape, even our mildly way has a shape and form. Why the ancient Egyptians built the pyramid? Why our Atom structured in its current form? Each shape has its purpose and usage.

Learn how we can tap into your elemental shape.

Directional Energy

North, South, East and West. No matter where you go, you need to know your directions. The direction you are facing will affect your mood, which directly affecting your thoughts performance at work or business.

Learn which direction is suitable for you.

By using Metaphysic and Fengshui, you are tapping into your birth elements and use it to your advantage

Metaphysic & Fengshui Advisor, Shifu Vince

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