Fengshui Logo Analysis – Google

Google has one of the most recognizable logo across different continents and countries around the world. 

The colourful logo has made historical impact on the way we look for information and it has embedded our language with the famous slang: “Google it.” Google started as BackRub back in 1996 and gradually got renamed to Google. By 1997, Google first branding embodiment was launched online. It was a simple Microsoft Word font design but it allows the users to identify the Google system during the early days

By 1998, Larry Page and Sergey Brin decides to officially launched Google and changes its font and go with a green “G”.

However, this logo was short lived and replaced in 1999 with a blue “G”. And eventually settled with the familiar logo we have today.

What are the Elements within Google’s logo and how does it help the business?

Google uses 6 colour schemes for their logo: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Grey and White.

  • Blue – Water
  • Red – Fire
  • Yellow – Earth
  • Green – Wood
  • Grey – Metal
  • White – Metal

From the logo and colours of Google, we can determine that Google has all the 5 elementals support within their logo. Making Google a balance logo. They use water elements for both “G” in the logo, Fire element for “O” & “E” and Metal element for their background colours.  

Google’s core business is in online advertising as well as other Google affiliated and partnership websites. At the same time, Google also has one of the largest data centre to service their global customers. In Fengshui, Advertising is Fire elements, Software technology is Water elements and Data Centre is a hybrid of Metal Elements and Fire elements.

From these factors, it is very clear that Google have chosen the right colour elements to support their core business.

If that is so why does Google use Earth and Wood elements?

In Fengshui, we always look at bringing a balance and harmony between each element. The universal law stated that change is the only constant. What goes up will always drop down, accordingly to the law of Physics. Therefore, it is a clever move for Google to add “bridging” elements to harmonize their core elements. (Refer to 5 Elements in Fengshui article)

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