What can LOHE Design do?

LOHE Design uses Chinese Metaphysics & FengShui elements to customize and advise clients to improve their overall Well-being, Energy, Wealth and Health.

Our Metaphysics Advisor uses the principle approach from 3 Variables (Grandmaster Jason Tan), Yin & Yang and I-Ching, to develop and customize a report which provide insights to your elements and advise you on how to use it to improve yourself.

We also provide services such as infusing your elemental energy to your business branding which enhances your business energy and performance, through Fengshui design in the form of business brand logos, personal brand initials and marketing work.

Know Your Elements | Build Your Business | Live Your Dream


Metaphysics & Fengshui Advisor

Shifu Vince

Vince specializes in using Metaphysics and FengShui through application of colours, shapes and forms to improve the energy of his clients’ well-being and business branding.

Vince is also the Personal Assistant to Vice President & EXCO Member of Federation of World Cultural And Art Society (Singapore) – FOWCAAS