The Movement of Element Energy

In our first few articles, I mentioned the basic 5 elements and the relationship between each other.

Let us explore the energy of each element. Energy is known as Qi 氣/气 in Chinese. This energy encompasses in all animate, inanimate, formless, with form, object or living life on this planet.

Normally, many people will identify the elements in its physical form known as Five Materials 五材. But the right approach is the movement of the elements.

The Chinese word 五行 means five movement or five ways of movement in reference to the way energy/Qi moves.

The 5 elements define the different movement of energy flow and the characteristics of each energy through the observation of natural phenomenon. The ancient scholars use Wood 木, Fire 火, Earth 土, Metal 金 and Water 水 as representations of the energy. Metal are also sometimes being represent by Wind 风/風.

The energy characteristic of Wood is stretchy, strong and curvy. Like a young plant growing and crawling, while eventually growing a strong tree bark and stand tall in the forest.

The energy characteristic of Fire is a rising upward like the flame and heat moving upwards regardless of which orientation.

The energy characteristic of Earth is acceptance and reproducing. The ground accepts everything that is buried into the ground and it gives life by enabling seeds to germinate into plant.

The energy characteristic of Metal is changing, removing and destructive. It is like how metal is extracted from the ground through varies process of removal of impurities and changing its material content.

The energy characteristic of Water is downward motioning. Like the rain drops falling from the sky and river flowing from the mountain into the sea and ocean.

But tapping into the energy flow which best suits your own element helps to enhance yourself in wealth and health. Therefore, it is very important to find your true birth elements and used the right elements at the right time to unleash your living potential.

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