The 5 Forms in Fengshui

Each element has its own form and shape. In fengshui, the 5 elements too have their very own elemental forms and shapes. 

  • Wood Form – Straight,long, upright rectangle
  • Fire Form – Triangle
  • Earth Form – Square
  • Metal Form – Circle
  • Water Form – Wavy and curvy


Wood comes from trees and plants. And usually they are tall and straight. The energy of Wood moves slowly upwards as it stretches and extends towards the Sun in the sky, just like all the trees we see around us. 


Fire has an energy that rises up like a flame. No matter which direction you try to direct a naked flame, it will always face upwards with a broad base and narrow top. Therefore, the triangle is a strong representation of the Fire Element. 


Earth and stones are strong and sturdy. It is firm and immovable like a huge mountain. The square is a strong shape structure which represents the Earth elements.


Metal comes from metallic minerals which went through intensive heat and compression for millennia. We mined the metallic minerals and further purified them. The process involves consent molding and shaping of the metals. Eventually the metal can be shaped to various forms depending on the creativity of the craftsmen. The circle represents The Metal Element because the circle is round and movable, it can be easily handled due to the flexible round exterior. These fit the characteristics of metal.


The famous Bruce Lee once said on a television interview in 1971, “You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.”

Water has no real form. But when we observe a huge body of water like an ocean or a sea, we can notice that the surface of the water has a wavy form due to the movement of the wind. Therefore the best representation of water is the wavy lines or shape.. 

LOHE Design

Knowing your elements will determine which shape is good for you in terms of wealth, health and life. Most people overlook this and end up using shapes which give off the wrong elemental energy and in turn causing unnecessary illness, sickness and misfortune.  

Know your elements through our Metaphysic Advisor, Shifu Vince now. 

Know your elements, build your life, live your dreams.

The Movement of Element Energy

In our first few articles, I mentioned the basic 5 elements and the relationship between each other.

Let us explore the energy of each element. Energy is known as Qi 氣/气 in Chinese. This energy encompasses in all animate, inanimate, formless, with form, object or living life on this planet.

Normally, many people will identify the elements in its physical form known as Five Materials 五材. But the right approach is the movement of the elements.

The Chinese word 五行 means five movement or five ways of movement in reference to the way energy/Qi moves.

The 5 elements define the different movement of energy flow and the characteristics of each energy through the observation of natural phenomenon. The ancient scholars use Wood 木, Fire 火, Earth 土, Metal 金 and Water 水 as representations of the energy. Metal are also sometimes being represent by Wind 风/風.

The energy characteristic of Wood is stretchy, strong and curvy. Like a young plant growing and crawling, while eventually growing a strong tree bark and stand tall in the forest.

The energy characteristic of Fire is a rising upward like the flame and heat moving upwards regardless of which orientation.

The energy characteristic of Earth is acceptance and reproducing. The ground accepts everything that is buried into the ground and it gives life by enabling seeds to germinate into plant.

The energy characteristic of Metal is changing, removing and destructive. It is like how metal is extracted from the ground through varies process of removal of impurities and changing its material content.

The energy characteristic of Water is downward motioning. Like the rain drops falling from the sky and river flowing from the mountain into the sea and ocean.

But tapping into the energy flow which best suits your own element helps to enhance yourself in wealth and health. Therefore, it is very important to find your true birth elements and used the right elements at the right time to unleash your living potential.

Here is LOHE Design, we will craft a design to match and enhanced your birth elements through analyzing your birth date and time.

Fengshui Logo Analysis – Coca Cola

Coca Cola has one of the most recognizable logo across different continents and countries around the world.  

Let us look at the history of Coca Cola’s Logo. Originally in 1886, Coca Cola’s logo is a simple serif font 

Coca Cola has its first curvy logo in 1887, created by Frank M Robinson, the bookkeeper of Dr John S Pemberton, creator of the original Coco Cola formula.

This logo and its overall concept has been used consistently for over 130 years. 

What are the Elements within Coca Cola’s logo and how does it help the business?

Coca Cola has 2 colour schemes for their logo. Black words white background and White words with red background.

  • The curvy wavy “C”s is Water element
  • Black words is Water element 
  • White Background is Metal element

The black and white logo is the main company logo of Coco Cola, which represents the company as a whole. The core product of Coca Cola is the beverages they produce, therefore using Water element logo for a beverage company is a winning formula. In the elemental chart, Metal create Water. With a white “Metal” background, the Water elements is being enhanced, making it stronger. 

  • The curvy wavy “C”s is Water element
  • White words is Metal element 
  • Red Background is fire element

The White and Red logo are placed on the packaging of their beverages. Each bottles & cans are supposed to be sold to their customers. Sales & selling are Fire elements. Therefore, each product packed in Red, matches its purpose as Fire elements. At the same time, the beverage has Water elements & Metal elements to support it. With Water element controlling the Fire element, signifies the sales revenue are controlled by the quality of the beverages from the company. As long as the beverage quality is maintained, their sales revenue will be ensured.


The logo of Coca Cola has utilised the different elements and applied it differently depending on the purpose and usage. Using the Red & White colour scheme for their products to increase the sales and the Black & White colour scheme as a core business logo to ensure its foundation as a beverage producer. 

The 5 Elements in Feng Shui

The 5 Elements or is the basic elements in Fengshui. We look for ways to balance and counter each element to maximise the based element’s potential.

Wood create Fire, Fire create Earth, Earth create Metal, Metal create Water, Water create Wood.

Wood control Earth, Earth control Water, Water control Fire, Fire control Metal, Metal control Wood.

The 5 elements are differentiate into Yin & Yang, or Hard or Soft elements. We will explore that in future post.